Let the tradition through the all time
Restore art to life


文章來源: 發布時間:2018-07-27


The name can be traced back to Mr. Cheng Conglin who made the one-sentence remark on the NY Opening Exhibition in 2008 -"Out came the sun". It summarizes NY’s development after years of endeavors, and vision for a better future. NY founders hope this can encourage all to remember how we come and how should we go ahead for the future.?


As the first international collective brand, FINEC. characterized by international promotion and cross-strait exchanges, is a space for residence creation and interaction, international ICH handicraft and creative craft display, exhibitions, workshops, education, etc.,. Built mainly with bamboo and wood, it is to create a new aesthetics venue of natural, poetic, sustainable and Chengdu-styled leisure, as well as cultural tourism and consumption.





The creativity neighborhood is the perfect place for you to enjoy the art of leisure, shopping and experience. It consists of 7 art-filled cabins, each with a different colour, form and personality, accompanied by original art deco, paintings, cultural creativity and other elements to showcase your unique original art. Visual enjoyment and a situational shopping experience. The creative district is mainly equipped with exquisite bracelets, original artworks, tourist souvenirs, cultural and creative products, etc. The creative art of the creativity neighborhood makes the rich garden full of different feelings.